The Story (1969) 

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In the Tokyo Weed 38
by Ai Natori
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  • Boyfriend: Do you want to go to school with me?
  • Me: Uhm, why?
  • Boyfriend: so I can show everyone how pretty you are
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New magic portals in progress

Wolf Erlbruch (b. 1948,  Wuppertal, Germany) - Illustration from Duck, Death and the Tulip (German title: Ente, Tod und Tulpe), 2007      Book Illustrations

Mateus William

Drawings from a sick bed. Things to note about this drawing, yes I forgot the H in the word nothing, yes i do like feminist mobs, I love them actually, this is not a satire even though it might look like that.
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The Small Connoisseur - August Friedrich Siegert
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Please help me with my art project!

I’m doing an art-project about dreamworlds. It’s a great inspiration for me. I’m always pretending or dreaming about another world (where I can live, better than this world) and I want to translate that in my art. But I was thinking: if I talk about dreamworld, what thoughts occur in your mind? How would you describe your dreamworld? I want to document all those describings, all those thoughts and maybe use it in my artworks. It is like an expansion of this theme. I hope you will help me with this subject and tell me about your dreamworld. What does it looks like and why? And what does it mean to you? Hope you’ll help me out! 


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